Elle Shivers


Debuted in a limited riso run by Bad Student (2021), through a grant
Published in print for international distribution by Silver Sprocket (2022)

A powerful study in introspection, inheritance, and the manifestation of hypochondria by a talented indie cartoonist. Beautifully illustrated and poignantly told, the author investigates the guilt they carry as a young Filipino person born into a family that benefited from the Marcos regime, and how that materializes within the physical body.

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Women Write About Comics
Full Stop

Broken Frontier

Nominated for Broken Frontier Awards for Best One Shot (2022)


@tamingservice everywhere

I’d love to work on book design & publication, zine collabs, editorial, posters,
and branding projects especially.
I am opposed and unwilling to work on projects that involve AI, crypto, and web3.
Do not contact me for them.