Elle Shivers

Inoculation: A Medieval Surgery Simulator


A fake game conceptualized for the My Famicase exhibition (Tokyo & LA)

INOCULATION is a medieval surgery simulator where you play as a small-time self-trained surgeon. Your humble hamlet is overcome with plague, drought, war, and every shade of brutalization out there, but hey-- this is a meritocracy and you're not about to get comfortable! You've had it with treating these small fry with their lockjaw and consumption! With your dubious knowledge of human physiology and ersatz implements, hack, saw, and suture your way up the ranks of feudal society until you're drinking like (and with) the kings.


@tamingservice everywhere

I’d love to work on book design & publication, zine collabs, editorial, posters,
and branding projects especially.
I am opposed and unwilling to work on projects that involve AI, crypto, and web3.
Do not contact me for them.